Produk Import

Panjang: 110cm

Ukuran Jala: 2*2 cm sampai 6*6 cm

Kedalaman: 5m

Ukuran Jala: Jaring Kecil

Tipe Produk: Fishing Nets

2cm*2cm mesh to fishing the fish <=0.25kg

3cm*3cm mesh to fishing the fish >=0.5kg

1.Put your bait in the copper spring
2.the net is always floating around the bait.
3.The fish will be caught while it touches the net.
4.Perfect for shoal
5.2 pcs Luminous beads reminds you

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 2 × 6 cm

No. 4 (2×2), No. 6 (3×3), No. 8 (4×4), No. 10 (5×5), No. 12 (6×6), Promo 5 Pcs


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